The academic year 2020-21 began on new track. The seriousness of the world Pandemic opened up new vistas and modes of teaching- learning.

Keeping in mind the long term repercussion of real world teaching, decision taken to start with our students’ all round development using applications such as: Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom, has proved to be so far the best modes of technology that has enable the principal stay in touch with staff and students. Teacher too are able to stay in touch with students from Monday to Saturday, where each teacher takes over her subjects including Art/ Drawing as well as Physical Education(PT).

Regular PTA meeting, every Monday Assemblies at 8:30 via Google Meet that includes our principal staff and 10-15 students of each standard and division. Yoga Day too was beautifully celebrated.

A new subject ‘Information Technology’ has been added to the repertoire of every teacher at MIGHS. Through trail and error dedication, devotion and beautiful lesson-supportive videos, slides, self created videos, power point presentations, PDFs, etc are being used to enhance the teaching learning process.

P.T.A members, teachers and tech-savvy students have tried their best as many students as technolagically possible to join the Whatsapp as well as Google Classroom so that no child is left out of the virtual school.

Even though learning is through online the school conducts value based assembly and Parents day prayer service was conducted with creativity and we wish all the parents and Grandparents God’s blessings of good health and happiness.

The school congratulates the students of SSC batch 2019-2020 for securing the 100% and the toppers of the year is-

Faraaza Ansari 94%

Irfa Mukadam 92.20%

Sonia Pimenta 91.80%

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