There was excitement in the air on the morning of the 21st January 2020 as Mary Immaculate Girls’ High School, Kalina, Mumbai, proudly and efficiently played host to The Inter Zonal Science Exhibition with the theme ‘Science and Technology for Sustained Development’. There were 121 winning schools showcasing 126 projects. Schools from Bandra to Dahisar representing wards H E/W, P, R E/W, and ward KP E/W to name a few, participated with much enthusiasm and pride under the watchful eyes of their Science teachers. The school itself was transformed into one big exhibition centre while the basketball court had a festive yet serious look befitting the occasion of the day. To greet the guests was the photo gallery, where one could picture oneself as any of the great scientists you dared to be. There was also a ‘Garden of Hope’ picturing a beautiful green tomorrow, and a ‘Wall of peace’ where you could share your own message of peace. The inaugural exhibit by the young scientists of St. Anthony’s School, Vakola held pride of place near the zonal flag. Food and games were not forgotten as stalls with mouth-watering snacks and game stalls covered one end.

The Principal Sr. Josita Abraham, along with her able band of teachers, non-teaching staff, support staff and an enthusiastic bunch of school girl volunteers, saw weeks of planning, preparation, sweat and toil culminate into the extravaganza of the day. As the school band struck the first notes heralding the arrival of the esteemed guests, our emcees for the day, Ms. Sharon and Ms. Nikita, confidently and seamlessly took us through the programme of the day. The corridor was lined with cute little girls dressed in costumes representing every state in India. With the most charming smiles, they welcomed everyone in the native language of the state they represented. As the dignitaries were led in by the school band, a smiling Sr. Josita saw that all were comfortably seated.

Everyone present was then treated to a mesmerising show of a Lezim dance by the students of Choughle High School. It showed the guests why they were the champions. After the hoisting of the Zonal flag, the chief guest, Senior Nuclear Scientist, Dr. A.P. Jayaraman cut the ribbon inaugurating the exhibition. He and the other dignitaries then viewed the inaugural project, a moving model of Chandrayaan lunar probe. Visibly impressed, they moved on to the MIGHS presentation of ‘The Garden of Hope’ and ‘Message of peace’. Each had a student commentator with a strong message of Peace and Hope. The Chief Guest, the Education Inspector Mr. Anil Sable, Sr. Josita and a few others took a moment to put up their words of inspiration on the Dove of Peace. The National Anthem followed. The programme then continued in the school hall.

A packed school hall were then treated to a song by the Secondary School Teachers followed by an exquisite display of Indian dance by the smiling girls of Mary Immaculate Girls’ High School. Their warm welcome was then followed by a catchy song about Science written and composed by our music master Bonnie Sir and performed by our girls. Our school vice-captain Carol D’mello entertained us with a song of her own. Dr. Suresh Nair, convenor (KP- West ward) then introduced all present and requested Dr. A. P. Jayaraman to inaugurate the E version of the magazine Disha. What followed were dynamic speeches by Sr. Josita, welcoming one and all especially the young scientists and engineers to the exhibition and Mr. Anil Sable. Felicitations of all the dignitaries followed.

The much awaited speech by our eminent and learned Chief Guest Dr. A.P. Jayaraman followed where he took the crowd, especially the students, from School Science to World Technology Education explaining that in order to pursue science, one must have a four-fold mind set and went on to explain his theory. He also reminded the young scientists that we had to make the attempt to save our planet with sustained development. That development meant saving our resources for the future generations.

A vote of thanks by Dr. Suresh Nair, extolling the virtues of the chief guest and thanking the host Sr. Josita and the other dignitaries present followed by the singing of Vande Mataram ended the program for the day. Lunch followed and the guests and students were free to visit the various exhibits.

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